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Memorial Weekend

27.01. - 30. 01. 2022

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UPDATE for 2022

This winter, too, everything is different

Again. The pandemic is not over. As in the last two years, we are expecting measures such as restrictions on events, restrictions on the number of participants, etc.
We don't know today (October) what we will be facing at the end of January.
What we do know is that there are usually caps on the number of participants at events, and heavy fines for unregistered meetings. There is a step-by-step plan for this, which provides for appropriate measures depending on the incidence: Link

No rally, but ...

The only thing we can do, regardless of suspicion, is to spend an event-free weekend in a completely official restaurant, to which we travel in our own vehicle. The Edelraute can offer THAT, and at least Uwe and Andreas will be there. Any other features of an organised event are also to be avoided. There are no patches or stickers of a meeting. The tollgate will probably not be permanently open. There will be no extra snow clearance, no rental toilet, no exit, no official control rides.

No Camping

Camping will probably not be possible, a request to the municipality of Hohentauern is in progress, but the landowner has to agree, etc. Outside of an agreement with the municipality and the landowner, wild camping is forbidden in Austria and can be punished accordingly, e.g. with an action for disturbance of possession (it is private land). If something changes, we will inform you. Tents erected without permission must be removed immediately.


All Covid 19 restrictions then in force must be followed. On-site inspection will be carried out by Edelrautehütte staff, aided by local police if needed. 2G is required for an overnight stay, where 2G means you have to be vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19 by EU definition and time frames (same documents as required for international travel, see Link).


On Monday 15.11. I will send an email to all those registered in the TT database asking if they are interested in booking an overnight stay for the Tauerntreffen memorial weekend.

Hopefully there will be a decision regarding camping by then. According to experience, the Covid situation and the following restrictions should be better assessable by then. The procedure is nearly the same as before: from the responses I receive (including 2G proofs), the first reservation list will be drawn up by the beginning of December. The final reservations will be sent to Edelraute on 15.01. 2022.

Reservation of overnight stays

I will accept the reservations on behalf of the Edelraute hut.

  1. Reservation is only available for vaccinated or recovered persons ("2G") with an official document to state that.
  2. Prior transmission of the corresponding proof in machine-readable form is required (European certificate with QR code as PDF). These documents are used by me exclusively for filtering the reservation requests and are subsequently deleted, i.e. they are not forwarded to Edelraute.
    The proofs are to be carried along and will be checked when checking in at the Edelraute.
  3. A fee must be paid in advance for the reservation, which is forfeited in the event of no-show. After the meeting fee has been waived, we hope to cover our expenses by that. A reservation will only be validated by pament of the fee.
  4. Maximum 2 persons per registration. Due to the reduced number of participants, we CANNOT book larger groups.
  5. Longer stays are preferred. Short stays are only accepted to fill vacant beds, usually Thu-Fri.


Reservations can be cancelled up to 14 days before the meeting. This leaves time for unexpected cancellations and thus for substitutes. In this case the reservation fee will be refunded on request.

Day guest

As we are only normal guests without event bonus, the day guest status does not apply. Anyone can drive up, and consume something in the Edelraute under then applicable conditions. There will probably be less to see than usual (no camping), and the toll will have to be paid.


In normal times we are be pleased to invite a fine selection of winter motorcycling enthusiasts to our meeting.

For taking part, you technically have to do the following:
By end of January, drive to the middle of the Austrian province Styria.
Then handle a mountain pass with a 16% maximum uphill grade, plus the following private toll road up to the inn - this is another 5 km mountain road, being a popular sledging track for local people.
Depending on the weather the track may be icy, full of tyre tracks or some deep snow sections.
In our experience, snow chains or a powered side car will help. Some people did it with good winter tires only - but they definitely knew how to drive :)

Please do not expect a perfectly prepared snow road - this only may be there on Thursday or maybe Friday. We had people riding home because they could not make it up the toll road - despite they had studs and winter tyres. Others have burned their clutch - they had new Staudacher chains but not enough riding skills to get into first gear full speed.
The toll road is long and steep, and not for first-timers - even if some people make it look very easy to ride up.
Without proper tried and tested winter equipment and some practise your long trip to the Steiermark may end in disaster. We even had people break their shoulder or ribs when falling over.
Improvised snow chains or traction aids are just that. They may keep up a few hundert meters, then slip around your tyres and damage something. Ropes do not grip on ice.
We may be able to give you and your luggage a ride up, your vehicle will have to stay down there.

It is all about winter riding, talking motorbike stuff, and enjoying the great landscape around. There is no extra entertainment, music, fireworks or such. But there will be lots of breathtaking surroundings..
All participants are required to behave as guests (we are, really) in a civilized way.

The Spot
Our meeting place is right in the Austrian Central Alps region, close to the tree line. There is a fair chance of having snowy conditions.

It is possible to camp, if you do choose not to sleep indoors. But due to the alpine setting this is only for experienced winter campers with the right equipment and spirit.

Round Trips
There should be trips on Friday and Saturday. Details are provided on site.

This is a private meeting, and we assume no liability for whatsoever. Participation is at one's own risk. No drunk driving

The Organization Team wants to have fun too. So we will take part in our own meeting, and try to reduce additional duties as much as possible.

On top of the page, earlier Tauerntreffen rallyes are linked by their year. Reload the page (on a Windows Computer, press F5) if you can not see all years.



click picture below to become scared ...

click picture below to get scared ...




The inn has only limited space. This is true for rooms, for meals, for camping etc. So we have to pick our participants wisely. In October we first invite last years participants and after getting their answers, by November the time of new requests has come.

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