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Tauerntreffen #4
26. 01. - 28. 01. 2007

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 Before the event

TT number four is something we all waited for very long - we had set an official limit of 100 vehicles to have enough room at the hut. But then, in January, our hosts said they will not take other groups on that weekend, especially not the sledge racing event we had last year - and so we were able to invite all applicants being on the waiting list, which made a total count of 111 invitations..

In the first week 2007 we receive bad news, Peter from France had a bad accident with the MZ combination (he bought it for going to the TT), leaving the vehicle ruined and his right knee wrecked. Poor sod.und Knie sind Totalschaden. Armer Kerl, heuer wirds nix.
More cancellations are to come. Some people have to work on that weekend, others have health problems, broken motorcycles (especially the MZs) ... what is going on here ... ?.

And then: weather suspense. No snow for months! To warm for skiing.Some people cancel, and decide to have a drive in Scandinavia ...

Finally, three days before the Treffen, Winter comes on short notice. Road blocks and power breakdowns in Bavaria, Czech Republic, ...


Matthias B. fixing his 150 cc MZ ...

This is the Story of Andreas aus dem kahlen Grund. Wednesday around eleven he is leaving home, after having a day of hard work on his MZ. For months it was a reliable combination, taking him to work and back every day - but then ... no spark. Not finding the problem, Andreas unpacks and puts everything on his 150cc solo bike - but it is too much to handle, with the snow storm being there in the mean time. So, again, errorhandling. Changing nearly every electriv component, swapping the carb twice, the MZ is running after many hours of fettling. Go!.

Forty km later, no spark, again - this time in the middle of a snow storm. Our hero tries again to fix his bike, but no luck. A towing car brings him home ...
Reading this in the forum, many people try to help. They offer a lift in their sidecar, even would lend him a motorcycle to drive.

Andreas is determined again, and gets the bike running finally - it will last to the Treffen and back without further problems.


Matthias finally broke down (his MZ, that is):

On the very morning I want to leave for the Rally, my MZ gives up!!
Having no time left, after an hour of trying I give up, unload everything and put it in and on my summer combination. It has some problems I wanted to fix that winter, but surely the trusty Yamaha motor is running. One problem is the tire situation (strictly summer stuff, in the back being the infamous "Avon Skidmaster, and nothing better in the front). Telephoning the snow chain manufactureers (Staudacher family) I will get chains fitted on my way ... and a cuppa coffee ... good news!

Hubert Staudacher, the snow chain guru (above) and Uwe

With some modifications, the chain finally fits and will take me over the weekend

At Möderbrugg gas station: my sidekick Eric is in good mood and greets EVERYBODY.

At nine in the evening we arrive. The place for our tent was reserved, so we drive up to the Edelrautehütte to get a beer and say hello to our host Herbert, then build our tent. Around midnight we start cooking, and after our meal enter the sleeping bags (two each). The night temperature is minus degrees 15 Celsius - and every single beer can we have will be frozen solid in the morning ...


This is the most relaxing day for us. Doing some organizing, talking to people, having the ladies room built etc.

This year, we have a problem with our place of excursions - the Donnerwirt can not take us, he said. We had to find another inn to visit on our saturday trips - and to check it before, which is planned for the afternoon.

Left: Gerts tasty breakfast

Coffee kitchen: Phoebus 625 and some modern petrol stove, preparing coffee and tea.

Right: shopping the Enfield way ...

Right: AIA-member Ragman (Klaus R.) with his very well organized equipment ...

that being me (motorang) preparing hot milk for the coffee.
Right: AIA-tent and a camp site view.

FAQ: the orange tube at the back of my Yamaha SR 500 combination is for transporting the canopy of the sidecar.

The AIA-tent again

Essentials: table, petrol stove, thermos can for keeping water liquid, snow brush, etc.

Right: regulator problems on a Suzuki DR 750 (fixed).

Another problem: Rieges MZ lost its axle nut. With a piece of string and lots of optimism Riege made it to the Treffen, and could get a spare nut there, from Stefan!

View up to the hut. Not much room on the little track to pass oncoming traffic ...

Left: ladies room, thanks to OllY!

OllYs home. mind the fire: a cheap iron bucket with som breather holes around the bottom - simple and efficient ...

Dirks Story (short version)

After travelling from Hamburg to munich by train, it is a days drive to the Treffen. Having the right map for the Navigation System left at home, it is a little difficult to get out of the city ... After a while the headlight went dim and dimmer and finally broke down completely - the electricity failed completely. After a while Dirk found a broken wire, fixed it, and continued on. Having the battery charged. After 44 km again
stopping for technical reasons ... Pushing the bike to the next Bed and Breakfast, checking in. The host was a nice guy, his son being a motorcycle man himself and having driven to Beijing ... a good place to stay.

Next day: 1) have breakfast, 2) buy dynamo. And new intake manifolds.
The machine is running smoothly, and charging the battery.
Only while working on the bike, the motorcycle trousers gave up, and the bum got cold suddenly ...

Noon: continuing to the Tauerntreffen. Only the motor is backfiring. But what the heck, the carbs have to be adjusted, but not NOW!

In a supermarket, Dirk buys new trousers and drives on. On the Autobahn to Salzburg it gets worse, and finally he has to stop on the very small emergency lane. Trying to be towed, by waving with a piece of rope, maybe 500 vehicles pass without notice. Finally a Fiat helped out, the driver being - a motorcyclist.

Opening the ignition system, the defect could be diagnosed easily: a part responsible for the timing had gone loose (for the fourth time). Mr. Fiat was a hobby mechanic and helped out by soldering it in place!

A day later than planned, Dirk arrived at the Treffen. It was ten in the evening, a snow storm building up, so he checked in at the hut and got a place in the dorm, happily. Again, a good place to stay.

Interesting bikes there were!

Peter with icey hair, but in good mood

Right: Keksi and hins mons... sorry: BMW combination.

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