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Before you register, please carefully read the following ...

Will you fit to the Tauerntreffen?

Just a few quick questions for you - if you don't honestly answer all questions with "yes", you might probably better stay away.


Is a winterrally fun for you, if there's no crackers, rockets or other fireworks ?

We are in high-alpine regions (fireworks are used as last means of alarm there) - there are no fireworks allowed for obvious reasons.
One of the most beautiful experiences on the whole rally is the extraordinary starry sky (if there's no snow storm) and the unimaginable silence.
Alright, once in a while you might hear a bike or two... ...


Will I be able to enjoy the rally, even if I am not drunk and making fuss ?

We highly value the fact that EVERY participant is able to stay in one's right mind - especially in respect to others.

If you want to hit the bottle, please do it somewhere else, there's better places to do it.

Another thing we strongly believe in is, that everyone should be able to sleep past midnight ... an exception might be the control rides of the rescue-crew.


For the campers: Do I have sufficient equipment ?

We've seen 60 MPH+ snowstorms, this is no place for your walmart tents. Fibreglass tubes are seriously useless and will break like toothpicks.

And at about -20 degrees Celsius your army surplus sleeping bag might be a little insufficient.

There's a lot of winter meets, where you can see your beer freeze, on the Tauerntreffen you might even see frozen booze (the record was -24 degrees Celsius).

In the past there where a couple of lady visits. In 2008 we had a visit from Paula (a storm devastating large areas of Eastern Austria), with windspeeds ranging up to 80 to 90 MPH. This was only sustained by approx. 50% of the tents.





Am I able to do it without a bonfire ?

Big campfires are not permitted in the nature reserve.
And sparks might burn holes in otherwise good tents.
But it is OK to have a stove or BBQ to grill or cook on.

Or to go warm up inside the inn for a drink and a soup, maybe.

We do not recommend using any stove inside your tent unless you really REALLY know what you are doing!
You need to have a stove with a proper stove pipe, AND ensure plenty of ventilation at all times. We also would NEVER run this while asleep. We nearly lost 3 guys at once to carbon monoxide poisoning. They had to spend the night at the hospital.

Getting firewood from the woods is not allowed at all.
You may bring along charcoal and firewood - DIY shops and bigger supermarkets in this area are selling that.

Dry firewood can be bought at the Edelraute Inn.

Is my bike or sidecar combination decently equipped ?

Don't get us wrong, if you're sensibly equipped everybody will jump in to help, but nobody will tow your summer-outfit up the mountain, because there's no winter-tyres or snow-chains to fit.
It is a winter-bike-rally and who doesn't have the right equipment might be in the wrong place and endangering others.

There is no right on someone towing you up there. Who is helping you out is doing this deliberately and for fun - and will enjoy your acknowledgement.
The same is applicable for our legendary in-the-wild-repairs.
Towing and Repairs are happening entirely on your own responsibility.

The toll road will be cleared with usual means to a locally usual standard. But still there may be deep snow when there is heavy snow falls ar wind (especially overnight) and it won't be either salted or gravelled.
The road is also used as a toboggan run.

Your bike is supposed to handle snowy and icy roads and everything in between.

A lot of people actually managed to get by w.o. chains - if there's grippy snow, not a problem, but as soon as it get's icy...
This is also applicable for the camp-site (please think of suitable shoes).

The proper equipment can be acquired via Hofdmann (tyres) and Staudacher (chains).




Am I skilled enough?

The Tauerntreffen is no bike rally for first-timers, due to its high alpine location and very selective road. You might be able to make it or not. You may fall over or slide and damage your vehicle. Your clutch may give up if you are not able to ride with gears fully engaged. We also have seen snapped collarbones, turned over sidecars, bent front forks, broken chains and some collisions in the past years.

The better your equipment and riding skills is, the safer you are and the more fun you will have.

If you're new to the meeting, please accept the advice of others.
If all people in the parking lot in town tell you to put on chains, then please do it or don't complain, if you get stranded on your way up.

Follow the tradition - help others to help themselves, is the motto that made the Tauerntreffen so spectacular. Please be generous with it.
Please also accept assistance, when offered to you.


Am I willing to spend a couple of extra hundred euros ?

A destroyed final drive, a broken windshield or a torn tent are costly. The prices on the hut (food and logis) are on a standard scale for tourist places.

We do not have a say in the toll road pricing.

Please think about all that and accept it, no whineing about later on...


Am I mature enough for the Tauerntreffen?

Mutual respect and friendlyness are expected. Fair comments aiming to improve next year's meeting are most welcome. But who thinks, he's the star of the meeting, is terribly wrong.
We don't need no smarty squarepants or weekendwarriors ... heroicallity and your drinking capabilities are to be tested somewhere else.

We're really happy to have some ladies and children on the meeting. Who can't cope with that (got overtaken on the way up ?) and has to share some stupid verdicts, please read the previous sentences again.

The Tauerntreffen-Riders are a community.
Nattes once put it so nicely: "I've rarely seen so many nice, helpful and somewhat mad blokes in one spot."
Olly is also sharing a word of truth: "It's kinda nice that I meet the guy with the broken regulator from last year (broken cable) and it feels as if we've met yesterday for the last time, he gives me a push and I return that favour in giving him a brake chock, so he can put on his chains.
If I am stuck on the tollroad, because my completely overloaded outfit just isn't playing right and Zwillingspeter is coming down the hill with a big grin and first of all we have a smoke together, when I see the smirky grins of the brits on the ride, when Richard (with at least 5-times more horsepower) stays behind me on the saturday-outing's return on the tollroad, just to check whether I can make with the solo drivetrain - just with a matter of course without words - when I am the one to spill the coffee prior to the ride, when we have some fun at the fireplace, when I maintain to keep the Kahlgryndige within my sights, and without a single word he slows down to my pace.
I haven't seen these guys for a year, but we meet before dawn on a petrol-station and ride together as if we would everyday. One guy is sacrificing a whole day, so I can go for the ride and takes an extra ride home (120 km) just for the sake of it.


Am I a motorcyclist?

Then you'll surely come with a bike and not with a car plus trailer and your leisure vehicle on top.
Quads and trikes are no bikes. Vespas are a kind of bike, Skidoos are not.
Rolling kitchenettes are accepted, although we prefer real classic bikes with or without a sidecar.

We do not allow support vehicles on site, not even taxiing. Everybody may only bring whatever fits on the motorcycle or in the sidecar. So for at least the last 5 km up the mountain you have to be self-sufficient.

Exceptions - e.g. due to sicknesses or disabilities - are to be discussed with us in advance.

The email button is on the very bottom of the page.

Am I able to pull my sidecar off the road ?

Don't laugh. There's more people unable to do exactly that, eg. when putting on snowchains, chat or pay the toll.
Everybody else has to wait then - such an I-don't-give-shit-mentality is not needed.

Ok, that far is only necessary in SPECIAL occasions...


Do I have to camp, to be part of "it" ?
Frankly speaking - no. Who doesn't want to do that for personal reasons or due to a lack of equipment prefers to sleep at the hut, is valued absolutely equally, nobody will throw certain looks at him!

But who stays the whole meeting at the hut, without a single ride or going down to the campsite, might have got something wrong.
The inner core will be at the campsite or having a ride.

Contrary to the above, we know, that an important thing about the meeting is the hut. The landlord's family is living from this hut and we enjoy the one or other meal or drink up there. We're glad when the hut is filled well, who needs a place to sleep is definetely most welcome up there and definitely will be enjoying the meeting more than someone who is staying down in the town some distance away!

Please don't be cross with us, if we don't sit down at every table - most of the time we'll be dressed up a lot too warm and aren't boozed up enough. If you want to have a chat, don't be shy and come down to the campsite!

That's why we won't have a full-time booth at the inn.
Check-In by envelope is self-service there, and sale of stickers and patches will thankfully be done by the Edelraute innkeepers.

Just by the way - the people with the longest distance (Scottland, England, Netherlands or Northern Germany) almost all of them are campers.


Am I able to be a guest?

The area doesn't belong to us. The toll road is used by tobogganists and other alpine tourists. These are guests on the hut too.

Please respect nature and the people that live there. Being friendly to the country and its people will be returned by friendlyness from the other side.

ALL sideroads from the toll road are off limits for us! They are - without any exception - maintenance roads, lead to wildlife feeding spots, ore are for hiking only. Even if a prohobition sign may have fallen off - farther down there will be another one. Then it may be too late to make a U-turn easily. And the ticket you may get will be a costly one, apart from the fact that we will not invite you any more.

Furthermore we would like to enjoy the meeting too, therefore we don't want to clean up your garbage after you.

If you can leave the campground the way it was when you came there, you're most gladly welcome. Others not.

Left wood or lost tent pegs cause severe damage to the snowblower. Broken glass (dropped and frozen) is really dangerous - please don't bring glassbottles ...
In case one of you slips on the and falls on some half frozen shards, you will understand.
The campsite will be used as a parking lot after the meeting.

It is a matter of honour, to remove tentpegs, or collects shards or trash, when you should encounter some,
no matter if you're the source of origin or not. Everybody might oversee something, but we all can work together.

This is not a giant locus - please use the toilets!


On the picture: Uwe and Matthias working there way through the snow and clearing up the left overs.

Some final pictures to show the real spirit ...

So enjoy the Tauerntreffen.
Enjoy it for its straightforwardness and grow on its natural obstacles.
Even if you're not able to attend not every year.

To accept those terms and register for the Tauerntreffen click HERE

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