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for the Tauerntreffen




As the space for participation is limited and the interest is high, you unfortunately need a reservation for your overnight stay. This way we can make sure that you actually have space at the meeting and that we don't run into problems on site.


There is a separate newbie page on the topic: "Is the Tauerntreffen rally a good fit for me?"
It's called BEFORE and we recommend reading through it at your leisure. We also have a picture report online for every single meeting, which can show you the circumstances and challenges > here.


  • Registered participants will receive an e-mail when the next date and place is fixed and they can make a reservation.
  • Registered participants will receive information on how to get there, shopping facilities, petrol stations, roadside assistance, etc.
  • Registered participants can reserve an overnight stay in advance.
  • Registered participants can reserve a bed in the workshop dorm or camping as an alternative to an overnight stay in the Edelraute inn.
  • Registered participants will receive updates if there are any changes to the conditions, such as the toll situation for access to the Edelraute inn.
  • Registered participants check in at the Edelraute inn or cancel by email - in both cases they remain on the email list.


We have put ALL the detailed information on ONE password-protected page.
It's there for all registered - as well as access to the anonymised reservation list.


  1. You can enter directly here and send your reservation request.
    If you register by e-mail, you will receive a reply by e-mail. This way, I can still follow up on the details later by simply searching in my email programme. When the details are clarified, you are on the list.
  2. In autumn, I send a request to all the people on the list to book an overnight stay for the coming TT. You can find out the date for the email in the AiA subforum Tauerntreffen aktuell/current, and I will also write there when I have sent out the emails.
  3. Depending on the receipt of the replies, the places will be allocated (room, bed camp, unheated workshop camp, tent site) and entered in the list. This information will be passed on to Edelraute about 2 weeks before the TT.

You can still register shortly before the Tauern meeting or turn up without a reservation, but many places will already be taken. We cannot conjure up new beds.

Reserved beds will be kept free up to the reservation date. If you can't come or come late, even if you have to turn back during the meeting time, we need a message from you!
If you don't come without a cancellation, you will not be asked again and will be removed from the list.
You can check your status (reserved - checked in - cancelled - email problem) on the list.


There is no more TT meeting fee, currently the whole thing runs purely donation based at triple the organization work.

  • A meeting fee would possibly qualify the TT as an "event" that is more likely to be cancelled due to Corona than a visit or tourist overnight stay at a catering establishment.
  • The meeting contribution was necessary, among other things, to enable a flat-rate toll and to finance the open barrier, as well as a traffic light system, a porta-potty, etc.
    These possibilities do not currently exist due to the pandemic and the new toll payment system. As things stand, every visitor to the mountain inn has to use the toll system. And use the toilet in the mountain inn.

The small print

The Tauerntreffen (TT for short) is not an event.

We are allowed to meet once a year in close coordination with the municipality of Hohentauern at a suitable inn with camping facilities to talk about winter riding and to find or meet again people with the same strange hobby.

There are no scheduled events, no planned activities, no presentations, competitions or the like.
It is more or less a "regulars' table" that takes place in the normal operation of the mountain inn, and all the applicable regulations for the mountain inn operations also apply to the Tauerntreffen.

In order to avoid overcrowding at the inn and to be able to guarantee every person arriving a place to stay, we (AiA) will only help with the reservation of overnight stays. Interested parties can therefore register with us to be informed about the next Tauerntreffen via a newsletter and, if they are interested, to reserve their overnight stay at the inn. The inn also includes an unheated dormitory in an outbuilding and the possibility of spending the night in the car park with camping equipment you have brought yourself at your own risk and responsibility. All services consumed at the mountain inn are to be settled directly with the mountain inn. Self-catering is possible for camping.

Arrival is via a private toll road with automatic toll barrier system, which is operated by the municipality of Hohentauern or Admont Monastery. We or the Edelrautehütte inn have no say in this.

Andy of the Tauerntreffen-Team



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