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Andreas in winter 2005


You might have noticed our logo somewhere on a badge, T-shirt or sticker, and now your research has led you here?

Anyway - here is the summary of what that AIA fuzz is all about.

AIA is short for "Alteisentreiber Interessensgemeinschaft Austria", meaning roughly "pool of drivers of old motorcycles in Austria".
Which in German is a pun, as "Alteisen" means "scrap metal" as well as it is slang for "old motorcycle". The attitude of driving old bikes - no matter which type or make - under everyday conditions is our collective insanity, ehmmm hobby.

We are quite normal people, if we are to ourselves ...

Our statutes are simple yet powerful. In short:

  • Drive a motorcycle or more, that is 20 years or older (or of Russian make, or from any other former eastern block or third world country).
  • Be the mechanic of the bike, and have the necessary spares and tools on board (e.g. wire, tape, pliers, ...). Always.
  • Have the bike in swift everyday use.
  • Welcome gravel road and snowy surfaces as some of the standard operating conditions.
  • Show no traditional "bikers" behaviour (includes tatooing, excessive beer drinking, sexistic jokes etc). AIA members are polite, quiet and intelligent people with just a strange attitude. The accomplishment of their self set goals is more important to them, than trying to convince others of their rightousness.
  • Live in Austria, and have a member suggesting you. It helps, if you can name a few heroic deeds, or have taken part in one of the AIA Rallyes.
  • Do good, and talk about it. There are so many people NOT knowing by now who AIA is ...
  • When camping, drink your coffee or tea from a sooty mug, and brew your poison on a petrol fuelled stove.
  • Help other AIA members, as far as possible. With tools, spares, a haul, a lift, a place to sleep, food, a good advice ...
  • Being on a trip, camp. Or sleep without a tent. Let the stars be your roof. Build your camp fire with just one match (and a certain amount of flammable liquid ).
  • Use the internet wisely, to contact other AIA members, or just enjoy the community, namely on the AIA internet forum.

If you want to join, send your request to the email address provided on the bottom, by clicking the yellow envelope.

Please consider the following: Your text or parts thereof may be quoted publicly in the forum or one of the AIA web pages

Membership is completely free, and just for our enjoyment.
For congenial drivers around the world, there is always the possibility of becoming honorary member.

Sponsors and private donations are most welcome. Maybe you have a special giveaway for our Rallye raffles, or just won in the lottery?
Contact us!
Remember - we are the good guys. Your gifts will be used for poor AIA members, or for this website, or some Rallye stuff to replace etc.


If not, you can always get merchandizing stuff here: [Stickers] [Shop]

Andreas (motorang)

AIA organizes two quality motorcycle rallyes:

Sorry for not translating all the other pages, but if you want to know something special, I will be glad to help. Just send me an E-Mail.

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