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for the Tauerntreffen

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Dear Friends of the Tauerntreffen!

  • Every participant needs an INVITATION !
    This applies also to pillion riders, passengers, friends, or the spouse in the car !
  • Who comes without invitation is not welcome, must not camp, and most likely there is no room at the Edelraute.
  • Every person invited is on the LIST by the name!


  1. When does the Tauerntreffen happen and where?
    Our Tauerntreffen takes place anually by end of January/beginning of February near Hohentauern in Styria.
    Its duration is Thursday to Sunday, the exact date is on top of our TT main page.
  2. How much will it cost me?
    The TT fee covers our expenses and pays for your road toll for the complete TT duration (4 days). The fee varies depending on your accomodation:
    • Camper 21,- € book via TT, fee is including camping for all three nights
    • Edelraute overnighter 16,- € book via TT, pay extra for your room/bed/workshop dorm at the bar
    • Other accomodation 10,- €, (Daytrip, Hotel in Hohentauern, ...) book your own overnight stay in Hohentauern.
  3. How can I get a bed or camping spot if I get an invitation?
    We manage the Edelraute Inn beds for this weekend, as well as the camping spots.

    The reservation will be done via e-mail between you and us during the invitation process.
    If the inn is full and you have no camping invitation, you have to find accomodation down in Hohentauern.
  4. May I stay for only one night and will that make things cheaper?
    The TT is from Thursday to Sunday, and many attendants stay Friday to Sunday.
    You can reserve a bed for ONE night for Thursday, because we only have vacancies there. Or we can put you on the wainting list, just in case something frees up short handed. We rather have a bed occupied for one night than let it unoccupied.
    The TT fee is a flat fee for all 4 days, even if you are there only for one day, e.g. on your way to the Elefantentreffen.
  5. Can I register a group of riders?
    Basically yes, but it will be more difficult the more persons you are and the shorter your stay would be. We only have about 150 places in total.
  6. I am not registered yet, what do I have to do?
    For getting an invitation you have to register once via e-mail:
    • Vehicle data for the toll road and parking
    • Name and home town for reservation of a bed or camping spot and paying the TT fee
    • E-Mail address for sending you the TT e-mails.

    If you do not get an answer about your registration please contact me!
    I answer every TT e-mail!
    When you are registered I will put you on our list and send you a request e-mail in October if you want to join the next TT Unfortunately we do not have many places for new riders.

    Anyway -
    Click your language to register >>> - - -

  7. I am registered, how do I get invited?
    We send out a request e-mail in the beginning of October to all persons on the list, asking if they want to join the next TT. Who confirms via e-mail answer gets an invitation, if there is room left for the requested time and accomodation.
    The quicker you answer, the better your chances are. Usually we are fully booked after a few days.
    I will announce this in the Tauerntreffen forum as soon as I sent out the e-mails. Unfortunately not all e-mails may be delivered, as there are always issues with spam filters, junk detection, or old e-mail addresses.
    If your name is on the list but you did not get our e-mail please contact me!
    Even if you are not 100% sure you can come, it will not work out if you do not answer our request. You always can decline later on.
  8. What is on that "list"?
    Everybody who should have got a request e-mail for the next TT is on the list. Only because there are nearly 400 names and we only have room for about 150 persons, everybody has to CONFIRM (answer) that e-mail request to get an invitation.
    And if there is room left, there will be an invitation.

    I will put your answers in that list and keep it up-to-date: who wants to come and sleep where, who did decline, who did not answer, who only made it to the waiting list.
    If you wish to be removed from the list just send me an e-mail saying so, and we will stop sending you requests.
    We also remove those from the list where we did not receive e-mail answers.
  9. What happens after I am invited?
    By November everybody who is invited gets an e-mail of TT details. How to get there, phone numbers, current prices etc. I I will announce that in the as well
    s in the Tauerntreffen forum
    If your invitation is on the list (green color) but you did not get our info e-mail please contact me!
  10. What does Waiting List mean exactly?
    Once all places are booked and still more people want to come, we put them on the waiting list.
    If something frees up we check with people on the waiting list if they still would like to attend. With a quick positive answer on our request e-mail they can be invited.
    So: if you are on the waiting list, check your e-mails regularly.
  11. What if I can not come or finally break down on my way to the TT
    Please send us an e-mail as soon as you realize you will not attend the TT. Every cancellation means you are automatically on the list for next time - and some other guy can take your place for the current edition of the TT.
    I answer EVERY TT e-mail. Please also check if your cancellation made it to the list.

  12. How do I get another TT request for next time?
    After the TT we check your envelopes and room payments with our list. If something does not match we send you an e-mail.

    Who did not attend AND did not cancel, will be removed from the list and not get any TT requests in the next years.

    Who forgot to pay can do this by bank transfer + 10 Euro penalty to stay on the list.

    Who was there and checked in correctly will find that in the list later on.

    Who declined will find that in the list later on.

    Who wants to get a TT request next time should find that in the list later on.

    Please contact me if you feel something went wrong!

Andy of the Tauerntreffen-Team



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